Spinach Extract: Can it Help you to Lose Weight?

Let’s be honest some of us cannot stop eating no matter what, right? Most of the time it’s not because we are actually hungry but we simply just want to eat. If this sounds like you then hold on, because there is a new dietary supplement made from a certain leafy green vegetable that might just be the answer to curing that voracious appetite naturally.

What I’m talking about is spinach, there is a compound in spinach and other green leafy vegetables that can help to reduce hunger, lose weight, as well as helping to keep sugar cravings at bay. This mystery compound is called “thylakoid” and studies have shown that taking spinach extract thylakoids can reduce those hunger cravings by up to 95%. Want to know more about spinach extract and weight loss? Keep on reading.

What is Spinach Extract?

Spinach extract is a weight loss supplement manufactured from spinach leaves. The manufacturing process turns the spinach leaves into a vibrant green powder (like Matcha green tea powder) that can then be mixed into smoothies, protein shakes, or simply just with water. As demand has increased for these powered superfood you can now also find spinach extract sold in other forms such as snack-bars and even capsules.

The spinach powder is made up of concentrated spinach leaf thylakoids. What are thylakoids? I hear you ask. Thylakoids are microscopic structures found inside the chloroplasts of all green plant cells and are found in abundance on green leafy greens like spinach.

The thylakoids play a vital role in photosynthesis helping to harvest the sunlight which in-turn provides the pant with energy to enable it to produce carbs. The thylakoids are composed of roughly 70% proteins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants with the remaining 30% consisting of fat. Spinach is not the only leafy green that contains this much loved thylakoids, in fact they are found in all green plants.

How Does This Powerful Green Extract Help?

The term spinach extract is often used in the same sentence as “weight loss pills” and almost any conversation about losing weight, people tend to claim that it’s merely a fad. But hold on, there is some good science behind the spinach extract benefits including how spinach extract supplement is so effective at shifting those unwanted pounds naturally.

The thylakoids found in powdered spinach extract help to suppress the body’s activity of lipase, huh? Lipase is a type of enzyme that helps to digest fat. By delaying fat digestion your body will increase levels of hormones such as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) which aids in reducing your appetite and ghrelin, the “hunger hormone”. Powdered spinach extract is one of the best natural weight loss supplements that temporary delays fat digestion. Because spinach extract thylakoids are 100% natural you won’t get any unwanted side-effects such as stomach cramps and fatty stools often reported in many of the prescription weight loss pills.

Side Effects of Spinach Extract

So can Spinach Extract Help you to Lose Weight?

In a nut-shell yes, spinach extract can help you lose weight. Let take a closer look at some science backed studies and observations.

  • Studies carried out on animals have shown that taking powdered spinach extract may help to reduce weight and body fat.
  • Due to the thylakoids found in spinach extract supplements, your appetite can be suppressed and may lead to weight loss if taken over a long period (weeks/months).
  • Recent studies on humans have shown that by simply adding 5 grams of powdered spinach extract to a meal can help to reduce your appetite for up to several hours.
  • Another study concluded that overweight women who had been regularly consuming 5 grams of spinach extract every day over a 3-month period as [part pf their weight loss program had a 43% greater loss of weight when compared to a placebo group of dieters.

Potential Side Effects of Spinach Extract

So are the spinach extract benefits simply too good to be true? The good news is that supplementing your diet with spinach extract does not seem to have any negative or serious side-effects. However, it has been noted that a temporary increase in blood sugar and insulin levels is possible when taking powdered spinach extract. This however is only temporary and there are no long-term effects of blood sugar levels.

How Much Powdered Spinach Extract to Take?

To get the optimum spinach leaf extract benefits an effective dose is about 4–5 grams to be taken with a meal. But, before you go running out to buy spinach extract it can take a few months before you will see any positive effect on your weight. Because (as we have pointed out) spinach extract helps to delay fat digestion and reduces appetite the effects of taking it are best when taken before your meal.

Spinach extract supplements are not a wonder-drug that will instantly make you lose the pounds. However, if taken daily over a long period you will notice a slimmer waistline.

Where to buy Spinach Extract?

Where to buy Spinach Extract?

There are a lot of health stores now stocking spinach extract supplements. However, I have found that Amazon has a great range of some of the best powdered spinach extract, I have left a couple of links below to my personal favorites.

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