Running Tips for Beginners – How You Can Run Like a Pro

For anyone looking to start on a new fitness regime running is often the first choice, mainly because of the low start up costs, the fact that you can run just about anywhere, and there are no long term fees needed for running after your initial purchase of a running gear.

In fact running is probably the only sport that hasn’t been hurt by the bad economy, just buy a good pair of running shoes and a t-shirt and you’re all set.

Most new runners throw on their new running shoes and head out the door with good intentions and admiral goals but often end-up overwhelmed with their new exercise regime or worst case inured by simply not running the correct way.

For any new runners some basic tips are needed to make sure you get off to a good start. As with any new challenge learning is the key to success, so in this article I have come up with some basic running tips for beginners to help with your posture, balance, stride, and breathing, all of which will get you running the correct way.

Key Running Tips for New Runners

Below are some basic running tips for beginners that should help you get the most out of your run.


Running Tips for New Runners: Breathing

Without the correct breathing you won’t be going away where, here are some basic breathing techniques to get you off to a good start.

Nose and Mouth Breathing

When starting out running getting your breathing right takes a bit of practice.  For best results breathe in through your month and your nose and the same time, and exhale through both as well.

If you are a new runner you may find that you will need to take in huge lungful of air, however be careful as this can cause stitch in your side so try and control your breathing as much as possible.

Mouth Exhale, Nose Inhale

Everyone breathes differently and when it comes to running we all have our own techniques with breathing that we are happy doing.

For example if you are not a mouth breather try to inhale through your nose and then breathing out through your mouth. For most this is the best way to breathe whilst running and it can also help to control their breathing rate.

When running the most important thing to keep track of is your breathing, try to keep a count of your breath as you run and also breathe in and out evenly to avoid panting which will just make you more tired and winded.


Running Tips for New Runners: Posture Check

Along with breathing the next important tip to remember as a new runner is you posture. Having the correct posture when running will help to ensure that you body doesn’t get worn out to quickly and you progress along the treadmill, track or pavement.

Posture Check

Make sure you head is up and set your eyes roughly twenty paces ahead of you, you shoulders shouldn’t be ridged but relaxed and you should have a straight back with your hips thrust slightly forward.


As a new runner the temptation to clench your fists is likely to take hold, instead of clenching try to cup them like you are carrying eggs. You really want to avoid any clenching or tensing of your muscles through your body so try to relax and have fun.

The key to running easily really boils down to your posture, as a beginner once you get that right running will become a whole lot easier.

Correct Stride

The key to running is that you try to use as little energy as possible, so that being said try not to lift your feet to high on each stride to avoid wasting energy.

To be honest you hardly have to bend your knees to move them forward and take medium to small sized steps as you run to help conserve more energy.

Set the Correct Speed

Running Tips for New Runners: Set the Correct Speed

A question most beginner runners have is how fast I should go. There is no correct answer here and it is something you need to work out for yourself as you progress with your running, however try some of these tips.

Try Singing

A causal run or jog shouldn’t push your body to hard so if you are huffing and puffing you are definitely doing something wrong. Try singing the words to your favorite song without being short of air. Once you start to get more into your running and are no longer a newbie you can then push yourself more and can expect to be huffing and puffing.

Try to Start Slow

For any running beginner its best to start out slow and pick up pace towards the end so that you don’t tire yourself out to quickly.

Start off at a slower pace that you feel you can easily maintain for the entire length of your run. By the time you get to the end of your run you’ll be glad you started off slow and don’t forget you can still use up excess energy towards the end of your run.

Try to Increase with Time

If you are a new runner getting a 4 minute mile is probably not on the cards just yet. If you start of slowly and increase your running distance and speed each time you will soon be hitting your goals.

To help increase your endurance try breaking up your runs with a bit of walking as this will help prevent your getting to tired too quickly. Most beginner runners will have to do a mix of walking and running, but as time goes by you will notice that the amount of walking you do will decrease.

Remember you got into running as a means to get fit, so don’t think of running as a race think about it as a means to get your body in shape and remember take it easy and don’t go to fast, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself.

Want to make sure your friends and family run the correct way? Why not sure these beginner running tips with them?

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