Relationship’s Funny Facts You May Not Know

Most people yearn to form long and healthy relationships. Relationships are not only formed by lovers but also at work, school, and churches, among and between friends and even in the animal kingdom. People are born with relationship forming instincts and abilities, and they are significantly affected by culture, environment, genetics and individual intelligence level.

According to psychologists, people with high IQ levels are bound to establish readily and maintain a healthy relationship at all times. Forming a stable and healthy relationship is the key to the good integration process. According to married couples, a good relationship is a start to a good wedding.

6 Fun Facts About Your Relationship

A good relationship enables you share and express your views and perspectives more easily and without any fear. Your relationship is forming capabilities defines who to associate with and the kind of your friends. Although relationship forming skills and abilities can be learnt, they are greatly influenced by your cognitive capabilities and intelligence levels.

1. Four Minutes

Before you can engage in a stable relationship with someone you have just met, it is always advisable to take the time to know him. On the contrary, it only takes you around four minutes to determine whether or not you like the person. Therefore, it is not to conclude that you know a person just by their looks because they might deceive you especially if you end up liking the person within the first four minutes of your meeting. In addition, to ensure you offer the other person the best out of your impression ensure you utilize the first four minutes of your meeting very well. In fact, your physical appearance and body language contributes more to the first impression than what you say.

2. Heart Rate Synchronizing

According to psychologists and lifestyle fitness news, two people in a stable and healthy relationship have a lot in common. For example, if two people who are in love spend a few minutes glaring into each other’s eyes, they heart rate and beats synchronizes. According to love experts, listening to your partner’s heart beats as you look each other into the eyes is very important in determining your connection. Among the married couples, a few minutes of looking in each other’s eyes can be very important in boosting the bonding process.

3. The Neurological Effects of Falling in Love and Cocaine are Similar

According to lifestyle fitness news, most people engage in drugs for the pleasant feeling that comes after taking the drug. This feeling is a result of neurological adjustments to the drugs in the body. According to drug experts, a dose of cocaine will produce a sensation and feeling of euphoria; a similar sensation in the brain is produced when you experience feelings of falling in love. One receives a similar cocaine brain-stimulating effect just like the one felt when you fall in love.

4. Cuddling is a way of Releasing Natural Painkillers

There are so many activities that are closely associated with relationships, one of them being the habit of cuddling. Most people in a relationship enjoy cuddling their partners. There is good news for people who enjoy cuddling their partners. Every time you hug, embrace or cuddle your partner, you trigger the release of an enzyme called oxytocin in both your brain and your partner’s brain. Oxytocin is an enzyme that is associated with many medical benefits in the body. For example, it helps reduce a headache and keep you in a relaxed state for a few minutes. This is very important in dealing with high levels of anxiety and stress.

5. Looking at a Picture of a Loved one is an Effective Pain Reliever

There are great memories that you create once you’re in a relationship. These memories are preserved in pictures and videos. Spending time to look at these pictures and videos in times of great pain and depression can go a long way in boosting your morale and helping you in dealing with the pain and the feelings of depression. This is evidenced by the fact that most patients admitted in hospitals or away from their home request a photo of their loved one to always keep them company.

6. Similar People in Looks and Level Attractiveness are More Likely to end up Together

Before establishing a healthy and stable relationship, there are many factors that people consider. Some of these factors include physical appearance, attractiveness, body language, intelligence level, and wealth and maturity level. According to love experts and latest lifestyle fitness news, people who at the same levels of attractiveness and have similar looks are more likely to end up together as compared to people with very different levels of attractiveness and don’t look alike.


Like other animals, human beings are born with relationship forming instincts and abilities. But this relationship forming instincts and abilities differs among individuals and they are influenced by various factors. Relationships are bound to have many secrets and facts that most people are not aware of or do not know. These facts and secrets are bound to influence the quality of the relationship. Most people do not like exposing various secrets and facts in their relationships.


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