How can you Lighten Your Sexy Freckles?

How can you Lighten Your Sexy Freckles

Many of you know the feeling of having freckles, especially if you have light or fair skin. On the other hand, maybe you have noticed them on someone else. Freckles are natural and harmless and many find it very sexy and charming. However, many want to cover them up all the time, as they feel less beautiful and leave one with mixed feelings when it comes to freckles.

These tiny imperfections on the face vary in size and usually very small and multiple spreading over the cheeks and nose while others may even have it over their entire body.

Freckles are Genetic

If you find yourself with freckles, the likeliness is that your genes play a big role when it comes to the development of freckles, as your parents are prone to them. The chance is high that your children will also be prone to them. One finds that most blond and red-haired people are more prone to have freckles and for many they wonder how these minute dots start.

When the pigment in one’s skin called melanin that provides natural color is not distributed evenly one gets freckles. As certain parts of the skin have more melanin than other parts, they appear darker. Another important thing to remember is that you will note that sunlight makes them darker during the summer when one spends too much time in the sun.

However, the sun is not the only cause of freckles forming, exposing your skin to the sun and genetics goes hand in hand. The main concern is that many people want to change their freckles, especially if they have lots of freckles and looking for a magical solution to take them away.

Is There a Magic Solution for Freckles?

No, there is not a magic solution for freckles but there is a product Solvaderm Juvabrite that one can use in combination with some other important prevention to make them lighter. As freckles are closely related to sun exposure, one can control it to a certain extent, for example:

  • When leaving your home, take your sunscreen and moisturizers with SPF with you – this is important to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun during summer.
  • Wear your sunglasses and hat with clothes that are made of natural fabrics.
  • Prevent going in the sun between 10 am and 3 pm as the sun is at its warmest and rather stay indoors.

Solvaderm Treatment

In combination with the above-mentioned preventions, one can use Solvaderm Juvabrite to help make your freckles lighter in presenting one with a lighter complexion. This treatment is effective for reducing not only freckle appearance but dark spots as well.

It contains no harsh ingredients and eliminates blemishes and dark spots caused by sun exposure. While using regularly, it restores the natural tone and texture of the skin, making it look fresh, even, healthy, and radiant.

Juvabrite’s made with natural ingredients that include antioxidant Vitamins with anti-aging properties. These antioxidant Vitamins in combination with the natural ingredients help minimize the appearance of sunburn freckles and freckles. The treatment is easy to apply after cleansing the freckle or dark spot area with Rejuvoderm and applying the Juvabrite twice a day. The effects are noted after two weeks with dramatic results after 12 weeks.

Love Those Freckles

Freckles are sexy and beautiful adding character and making you unique that one can display proudly giving your skin a little panache while used with Solvaderm making them appear much lighter.


One can have freckles from ages one and upwards and uniform in colour and darker during the summer and lighter during winter. Stop covering up your freckles instead be proud of them! Start going up with above mentioned treatments and observe how your skin will look sexy, more even and ready to face a new day.


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