Should You Cleanse Your Liver? 4 Reasons Why You Should

In today’s modern environment each of us comes into contact with millions of unnatural toxins that wreak havoc on our bodies, each and every day.

Whether it’s the second hand cigarette smoke that you inhale, the dirty car exhausts or merely the accidental spray in the face from the perfume lady at the department store, we put our bodies in jeopardy unwittingly each day.

There is no way to avoid these daily toxins, unless of course you decide to live in a bubble, so these exposures are bound to happen and it’s all part of living in the modern world.

However there is some good news, we can actually take a few simple and easy precautions to detoxify our bodies which then jet-set us into a more purified and energized state of well-being.

How Can I Detoxify My Body?

Well one of the best precautions you can take is cleansing your liver. The liver is the “power-horse” of the body helping to filter out the toxins as well as maintaining a well balanced immune system.

Actually the liver is one of the only organs in the human body that is capable of completely rejuvenating itself. However giving it a helping hand once in a while will help take off the extra stress and burden and will give it time to rest. By doing a gentle liver cleanse a few times a month you will help to detox the liver, removing all of those unwanted toxins.

Cleansing your liver is not hard, so don’t worry. The best way to do a liver detox is by making a simple juice at home like water and apple cider vinegar and then allowing your body to absorb the purifying liquid first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

There are also other ways to detox your liver at home by choosing simply the right food and drinks, let’s touch on four recommendations to help to keep your liver clean and improve your overall health.

1. Avoid Fatty Foods

It sounds obvious but it’s true, try to stay clear of fatty foods. Small adjustments to your diet can have a huge impact on the health of your body’s liver. I’m not saying you can’t have the odd burger or shake now-and-then but just not every day, why not just treat yourself once a month and give your liver time to recuperate.

Why not try snacking on foods like sliced honey-crisp apples with raw nut butter or  celery with a vegan dip, yum!

Did you know? That Oil heated past a certain degree turns rancid and become carcinogenic and can cause havoc on your body and liver.

When it comes to keeping your liver healthy preparation really is key, so make sure you shop ahead of time when you know temptation might rear its “trans-fatty head”.

2. Eat Foods That Love the Liver

As mentioned above try and adjust your diet so that you are eating healthier. Make sure you wake up in the morning and kick-start your day with some fresh fruits or dark, colorful veggies.  The best way to get these healthy foods quickly into your body is by juicing them.

I’m not saying you cannot enjoy an egg or a slice of toast in the morning buy try and make sure to get some of these fruits or veggies in your body first.

Why? When you consume a healthy smoothie or fresh juice first thing in the morning you are actually creating a protective antioxidant- rich barrier for the more acidic foods that you eat later in the day.

3. Consume Milk Thistle

Apart from eating healthily you can also take natural supplement to aid in liver cleansing. One of the best supplements to detox the liver is Milk Thistle. In addition to the liver, studies have also shown that this plant can also halt the progression of lung cancer.

Ingesting Milk Thistle can be done by simply drinking an infused tea or by taking a capsule; personally I prefer the tea, as it tastes like a bowl of oatmeal and smells amazing to.

Try to cut back on your daily coffee drinking and replace it with Milk Thistle tea and try adding in a spoonful of local raw honey if you have a sweat tooth.

4. Diet and Vitamin C for Anti-Aging

Just like the Milk Thistle, vitamin C plays a big role is detoxing the body, rebuilding damaged cells and visually turning back the aging clock. Vitamin C can be readily consumed by eating fruits and vegetables.

I recommend having around 1000mg of Vitamin C each day, and this can be taken easily in a capsule along with your healthy breakfast.

Actually, the liver plays an important role in our body, and not just on the inside. A healthy liver can give you clearer skin as well as a thinner waist, and once you clean the liver you will feel fantastic and full of energy.

All it takes are a few lifestyle changes like simply having a daily healthy drink or making better dietary choices.

For those of you who want to kick of your liver cleanse with a deeper detox take a look at liver-cleansing kits. These are a great way to give your liver a kick start before changing your lifestyle routine.

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