Should You Clean Your Tongue? 5 Reasons Why You Should

There is nothing worse than getting a whiff of someone’s bad breath during mid conversation. Taking a few steps back just to get out of the range of their halitosis-laden exhalations can be embarrassing for both.

The other day when I was brushing my teeth I got a quick glimpse of my tongue and noticed it was covered in a layer of white gunk. As I took a closer look I saw that there were tiny cracks and little fissures on my tongue.

After some research I came to know that this condition is called “Geographic tongue” and the small cracks can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and germs, and they then multiply because they are never rinsed or brushed away.

So How Does My Tongue Cause Bad Breath?

Once bacteria has found its way into those tiny cracks they can easily take root and spread and grow to other parts of your mouth like your teeth, gums and even your throat. Once this happens you will probably be sending people running when you open your mouth as you will most likely have full-on halitosis!

Numerous studies conclude that around 90% of halitosis comes from the mouth and about 80% comes from tongue debris. The other percentage of stinky bad breath causes are dry mouth, gastrointestinal problems, postnasal drip, thrush, eating odoriferous foods such as garlic or onions.

So as you can see sorting out that stinky breath all start with the mouth and with 80% of the problem coming from your tongue maybe it’s time you gave it a clean.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Tongue Scraper

So now that you know the tongue can be a major cause of smelly breath, maybe it’s a good idea to give it a clean. Here are five reasons why you need to scrape your tongue at least once a day.

1. Prevent Bad Breath

Prevent Bad Breath

What causes bad breath? Bad breath (halitosis) is actually the smell released from decaying food cells in your mouth.

When you eat food the interior of your mouth becomes coated in tiny food particles, this is normally washed away with fluids like saliva. But if you have bacteria living inside of your mouth, that bacteria will start to feed on those food particles.

When these tiny food cells are broken down by the bacteria the chemical reaction that is then produced causes the horrible, stink smell well all know as bad breath.

So by spending a few minutes each day you can reduce the risk of bad breath and halitosis by simply scraping your tongue. Scraping your tongue will help to get rid of the food cells stuck in-between the cracks in your tongue as well as the unwanted bacteria that is breading and living in those tongue cracks to.

By simply brushing or scarping your tongue you will find that all of the bad smells are gone and your mouth is a healthier place.

2. Improves Your Dental Health

Improves Your Dental Health

Yep, by scraping your tongue you are in fact looking after your teeth too.  When your tongue is covered in stinky bacteria it can spread to other parts of your mouth which can then cause gum infections or cavities and other oral problems.

The unwanted bacteria can spread to your throat and in extreme cases it can travel through your respiratory system which could potentially cause some serious health problems.

Essentially, keeping you tongue clean can play a huge role on your overall health, not just your mouth. By spending just a few minutes each day scraping your tongue you can have peace of mind that you won’t send anyone running in the opposite direction with your bad breath and your teeth and overall health will be better off for it.

3. Helps to Stimulate Your Organs

Helps to Stimulate Your Organs

Yes it true! By cleaning your tongue you will also be stimulating your body’s organs in the same way an acupuncturist can stimulate part of your body with their needle you can do the same by scraping your tongue.

Your tongue has various nerve endings that all correlate with different parts of the body. For example, scraping the tip of your tongue will help stimulate your heart, while scraping the sides will help stimulate your liver, gall bladder, and spleen.

4. Helps to Prevent Toxin Re-Absorption

Helps to Prevent Toxin Reabsorption

Your body is continuously trying to get rid of unwanted toxins and this is done primarily whilst you sleep. So bearing that is mind the last thing you want to do is to flush down even more bacteria and toxins from your tongue, right?

To help avoid reabsorbing those unwanted toxins, take a few minutes each day to scrape your tongue. All of those stinky bacteria and toxins will be eliminated along from your tongue, and you won’t have to worry about those toxins going back inside your body.

5. Heighten Your Sense of Taste

Heighten Your Sense of Taste

I bet you didn’t release that that gunky white coating on your tongue actually reduces your sense of taste?

If you tongue is gunked up with that nasty white stuff, the taste buds on your tongue don’t really get chance to make contact with the food that you eat, so you will only get a general taste of the food you are eating.

However, make tongue scraping a part of your daily routine you will get rid of anything interfering with your taste buds. Once you have a clean healthy tongue you will be able to enjoy the food that you eat and you will notice virtually straight away what you had been missing.

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