8 Home Remedies to Brighten Up Your Dark Underarms


Are you wondering just how to get rid of those embarrassing dark underarms? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered, it’s time to say good bye to those dark underarms.

Not only do they make you feel self-conscious whilst wearing those summer sleeveless clothes, but also when you are wearing a swimsuit or even when you are going for spa treatments.

But before we jump in and give you some home remedies to treat dark underarms, first we need to understand the causes.

Many well-known deodorant brands are actually advertising underarm whitening components in their deodorants. While this might be a great marketing campaign, the fact is that deodorants are one cause of darker underarms in the first place.

While these whitening deodorants might help to a certain degree, there are better home remedies for brightening up your dark underarms that work a lot better and are cheaper too.

Common Causes of Dark Armpits

Dark underarms in women are actually really common, and that is no surprise when you see some of the causes of the problem.

1. Dead Skin Cells

You may be surprised that one common cause of dark underarms is basically dead skin cells that have accumulated overtime.

To get whiter underarms all you need to do in this case is to exfoliate gently, either by using scrubs with lactic acid or a loofah.

2. Underarm Shaving

I bet every one of you does it? But shaving your underarms is also a cause of those dark underarms. When you use a razor to shave, you cut the hair just under the skins surface which gives the illusion of darker underarms due to the fact that there is stubble showing. The same goes for over the counter hair removal creams like Veet or Anne; both of these creams only remove hair on the surface. Instead of shaving try waxing your underarms as it remove the air from the root.

3. Friction

For any of you who wear tight clothes each day, the friction between the material and your armpits can lead to darkening of the underarms.

How this happen is that fat present in the underarm rubs against your clothes and in-turn causes the unwanted darkening.

Try wearing some looser fitting clothes to reduce the friction in your underarm.

4. Deodorants and Antiperspirants

You need to try and find a happy medium when using deodorants and antiperspirants, to little and you might have an unpleasant smell but to much and you may have darker underarms.

There are many theories as to how deodorants cause dark underarms, and one of the common theories plays on the fact that the chemical compounds found in deodorants and antiperspirants could be the cause as this could possible lead to pigmentation, which can result in permanently darker armpits.

5. Diabetes and Other Heath Issues

You may not realize it but certain health problems such as diabetes can cause pigmentation, which in-turn cases darker underarms.

6. Hereditary Factors

Often time’s dark underarms are just part of your genes and other factors that are out of your control.

Excessive weight gain, hormonal factors, or even over the counter birth control pills can all play a role in dark underarms. If you are unsure or worried you can always visit you doctor to get professional advice as your problem might be deeper than just dark underarms.

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8 Fast And Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Dark Armpits

Now that we know what could be causing your dark underarms let’s take a look at how to get rid of dark underarms at home fast, using commonly found ingredients.

1. Lemon Juice

Believe it or not but one of the best ways to get rid of dark underarms at home is to use a lemon.

To lighten your underarms, just rub them with a lemon every day before taking a bath or shower. The lemon is a natural bleaching agent that overtime will slowly lighten the darkened area. After your bath or shower, use moisturizer to soften the skin and also try and skip using the deodorant for a few days.

2. Cucumber and Potato

Like the lemon the potato also contains natural bleaching properties, you can either rub a sliced potato directly to your underarms or you can grate the potato and then apply the juice to the darkened areas for roughly 15 minutes.

If you don’t have any potatoes to hand you can achieve the same lightening effect by using a gratted cucumber and the juice under your arms.

3. Waxing

As mentioned above, one of the biggest causes of dark underarms is from shaving or using over the counter hair removal creams. Instead, try waxing, sure it will hurt more but that’s a small price to pay for great looking underarms.

For any of you who want to rid yourself permanently from those unwanted dark underarms you can always opt for electrolysis.

4. Skin Lightening Masks

A great home remedy for lightening your underarms is to make a whitening pack. Just mix a handful of gram flour along with yoghurt, a little turmeric powder, and a touch of lemon. Apply liberally on your underarms and leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes, after which simply wash it off.

If you want to but a readymade listening mask try any clay-based lightening skin mask.

5. Saffron Mixture

One of nature’s supper foods is saffron. To get the underarm whitening benefits of saffron simply mix a pinch of saffron with milk until it forms a paste and then apply to your underarms before bed and wash it off first thing in the morning.

The compounds found in the saffron will start to lighten your underarms and as an added benefit it will kill any bacteria and germs that cause underarm odor.

6. Sandalwood and Rose Water

If you are not a fan of saffron a great alternative is to make a paste of sandalwood with rose water. Sandalwood contains natural lightening compounds and the rose water will help to soften the skin in your underarms.

Just apply the paste to your underarms and leave for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off, if y\used every day you will start to see whiter underarms.

7. Using Less Deodorants

I’m sure by now you get the idea that using deodorant or antiperspirants can be a cause of dark underarms. Instead of expensive shop-brought deodorant try some natural remedies to combat body odor.

Try mixing mix baking soda with a little bit water and then wipe your underarms with this solution. Anti-fungal powders and alum are also great alternatives to shop-brought deodorant and antiperspirants.

8. Whitening Scrubs

If you think your dark underarms issues could be caused as a result of dead cell accumulation then the best and most effective way to treat this is to use whitening scrubs. For the underarms its best to use a whitening scrub for sensitive skin such as Everyuth Naturals, Nivea, and St Ives

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