4 Simple Daily Tips to Improve Your Health

4 Simple Daily Tips to Improve Your Health

Almost everyone strives for a healthy lifestyle, being fit and healthy gives you the energy and drive to live life to the fullest. However often times you may not have to knowledge and information you need to change your lifestyle and start to become healthier.

Having the right knowledge is actually one of the biggest steps in turning your life around and making optimum health a reality for yourself.

Improving your overall health shouldn’t be a chore; in fact you can make a noticeable difference by just following 4 simple daily habits.

1. Don’t Miss Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast as soon as you wake up is one of the biggest and best health habits that will improve your body’s metabolism. How you time your daily meals plays an important role in your overall health some of the benefits include.

  • Amps up your body’s metabolism
  • Raises your energy levels
  • Gets your blood and digestion going
  • Equips you with much needed nutrients to feel revitalized

2. Eat Only When you’re Hungry

This might sound a little strange but many of us eat just for the sake of eating, because it’s there. How often you should eat food has been debated for sometime in the health community. Recently a lot of health publications have suggested eating more frequently, the thought behind this is that eating frequently with help to keep your metabolism up.

This could be true, but sitting eating food all day might be more counterproductive to having balanced blood sugar levels and efficient digestion.

When you eat food your blood sugar levels rise and will stay risen until you have digested your food. So eating too frequently and without breaks will keep your blood sugar levels constantly raised which in-fact can prevent weight loss, be more taxing on your digestive system, and in some cases cause insulin resistance (a precursor to illnesses like polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes).

So eating when you are hungry is the best option, the key is finding the right balance for your own body. 3 or 4 good sized meals is far better than 5 or 7 small snaky meals and by spacing out your meals you will actually give your body chance to get hungry.

Eating 3 or 4 meals a day will also make weight loss far more effective because you will make your body start to breakdown and tap into your body’s fat storage.

In-between meals drinking water is a great way to beat your food cravings and it will leave you feeling revitalized and will aid in digestion and will act as a catalyst for detoxification.

3. Drink Raw Juice At Least Once a Day

Juicing has become more and more popular in recent years and it is the most basic, simplistic and beneficial way to ingest and get all of the nutrients that fruits and vegetables contain.

The fresh juice combinations that you can create at home are virtually endless, however for a balanced nutritional profile aim for around 30% fruits and  70% vegetables (This will also help keep the sugar content low).

When juicing you should always make sure you ingest the ingredients raw, for maximum health benefits. Some may say that juicing is just a passing fad; however, the benefits are very real and remarkably invigorating for your overall health.

If you take on a daily juicing habit not only will you improve your overall heath but raw juice is known to aid and treat a multitude of chronic illnesses and diseases.

4. No Late Night Snacking

Snacking and eating late at night can contribute to weight gain, digestive problems, as well as trouble sleeping. Sleeping is your body’s chance to recuperate, rejuvenate and have a break from digesting those daily meals. So the closer you eating towards your bedtime can reduce the amount of energy your body is able to conserve while you sleep.

If you do have food cravings before bed a great little trick to keep the cravings at bay is a glass of cold water with a squeeze of fresh lime, sip away and try and clear your mind. Food cravings tend to be all in the mind and are attributed to lack of sleep, eating out of stress, etc.

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    It is important to know that in between meals drinking water is a great way to beat your food cravings and it will leave you feeling revitalized and will aid in digestion and will act as a catalyst for detoxification. Thanks for sharing this very informative article.

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