11 Meals for Road Trippers to Stay Healthy

Meals for Road Trippers to Stay Healthy

In celebration of the festive season, many Americans opt to embark on long road trips. These breathtaking adventures may take a few days, and hence these people need to eat. Now, with the rising awareness of healthy eating, you and your friends or family are likely to be hesitant about taking junk food on the way. I mean, you honestly don’t want to build up that waistline you have been killing yourself trying to keep slim.

It is different from previous years when people on road trips would just stop over at fast food joints; grab some food and hop back into their cars. Deep fried chicken, chips and sodas would be the ideals. It has long changed, and people are now bending towards healthy eating. It is because we all fear lifestyle diseases, and many have also realized that fatty foods can make you sick during a road trip. Take for example the case of Joy Beur a nutrition and health expert (founder of nourish snack) whose son got sick from eating junk food when they were going by road to her parents home.

The child started vomiting and had a headache. The others also admitted having felt a little lethargic. These were traced back to junk food they had taken because they didn’t feel sick during their return journey when they had taken healthy foods. Based on this we can comfortably say that junk food should not be taken during these road trips. It is both unhealthy and can cause illnesses. Because I am sure you wouldn’t want to go on a road trip and keep stopping every two miles to puke, it would suck all the fun.

So What do you eat During That Road Trip?

Now, when choosing the kind of food to carry, you must consider factors like portability, convenience, shelf-like, suitability and nutritional value of the food. It would, for example, be utterly absurd for you to carry rice and stew on a road trip. I mean, how and where would you warm it? Road trip food should be a type that will not mess up the car by spilling all over the place. The food should, however, be able to provide a balanced diet for all people involved and not go bad before the journey is completed. Some of these foods include:

1. Fruits

Fruits are a source of vitamins. You obviously need vitamins to keep you going. Here you can carry apples, bananas, and grapes. Apples are particularly important as they serve as excellent snacks that will keep you full in addition to acting as a good antioxidant. These fruits would be better served dry to avoid messing your vehicle with their juices.  Dry fruits will help keep your car clean.  Make sure to involve the people you are traveling within the selection of the fruits to carry. Remember this is not a one-man adventure you must involve all parties.

2. Water

The eight glasses of water a day rule does no die during the vacation. The fact that you are on a road trip does not mean you can’t get dehydrated. It is why you will need to carry lots of water for the trip. You can also supplement it with fresh juices to help keep you hydrated and give you additional vitamins. Another benefit of fresh juices is that they have nutritional value, unlike beverages that only give you calories.

3. Nuts

Different types of nuts such as macadamia and soy nuts will give you the proteins you need. These nuts are delicious, and you will enjoy munching them as you drive or watch the beautiful scenes.

4. Yogurt

It is a healthy drink that will supply you with the healthy fats you need. See the good thing about it is that unlike fries, it’s fat is cholesterol free and will also give you a supply of proteins.

5. Sandwiches

Now, even if we are dieting, we must take in a bit of a carbohydrate. It is because we need the energy they offer. You can make sandwiches with peanut butter and your vegetables of choice but remember to use whole grain meal bread. You can also use jam on these sandwiches.

6. Muffins

An alternative source of carbohydrates is a muffin. These are tasty and less messy. An added advantage is that the can be baked at home to regulate the amount of sugar.

7. Vegetables

Healthy eating cannot be complete without a serving of vegetables. You can choose the type that the people you are working with like. Vegetables such as broccoli and carrots are excellent antioxidants and thus should be included.

8. Cookies

You can make your cooking with less salt. These are a great delicacy to munch on as you drive. Their crunchy nature makes them even better because like muffins they are not messy.

9. Vegetable Chips

These will go a long way in substituting potato chips. You can make them appealing by cutting them into nice small pieces. You are also at liberty to use the vegetables you fancy for maximum enjoyment.

10. Banana Chips

It is a creative way of presenting your bananas. They will be easier to eat as you drive and you won’t have to worry about where to throw the peels.

 11. Bars of Dark Chocolate

Healthy eating does not have to be all dull. You can throw in some dark chocolate which not only delicious but also very nutritious.

However, when all is said and done, eat these foods in moderation: don’t overdo it.


Even if the festive season is a time for you to let loose and enjoy, you still need to watch out for your health. You can do this by carrying healthy food whenever you hit the road. It will reduce the temptation of gracing each and every fast food joint you see on your route. You don’t have to throw all caution to the wind and risk your health: eat healthy during that journey.



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